2017 Peewee Predators Head Coach Announcement

The Board of Directors are pleased to announce:

Lonnie DePotie

2017 Peewee Predators Head Coach

Coach DePotie has been a valuable member of the Warhawks coaching staff for the past 2 years and is eagerly anticipating taking on his new role as Peewee Predators Head Coach.  With the Peewee Predators having achieved back to back undefeated seasons and 3 championships in the past 4 years, Coach DePotie has high expectations for the 2017 season and can't wait to get to work. 

"I consider it an extreme privilege to coach for the Twin Cities Peewee Predators and I'd like all parents meeting me for the first time to understand my commitment to the players, the agents and the association. I've been working hard on preparing for the 2017 campaign and my goal is to instill a good work ethic, a sense of family on the field and a love for the game.  In the end coaching is not about the coach but about the players and their development."

"As the Head Coach, I will engage your player through advanced skills and techniques to expand their knowledge of the game and elevate team play. Not only will players learn their own position, they will be educated on the entire offence and defense. You can only win as a team!"

Depotie considers himself extremely competitive , both as a player and a coach. Past coaching experience includes 5 years as a Junior Jujitsu instructor for children aged 7 - 13, two seasons as the Warhawks Tyke coach and most recently as an assistant coach and trainer for the Peewee MD Warhawks.  His competitive nature has been instilled in his two sons, Joshua and Cole who play both Predators and Warhawks.  " I will ask the same from each player on the Predators as I ask my sons and that is to be the best you can be with a never give-up attitude."

Coach DePotie's mantra for success is "Do more than what is asked of you and you will succeed!"

Welcome aboard Coach and best of luck for the 2017 season!