BONUS Tackle Practices

We are counting down the days to the start of our Fall Season and have some exciting news to share.

New for this year we have 4 bonus practice sessions open to all registered Fall Predators.

There will be 4 practice tackle sessions held at Wilson Park on Wednesday nights starting on June 7.
These sessions will be full equipment (see equipment fitting date below)

This is a great opportunity to get in some extra coaching, pick your equipment up early and keep it for the fall season!

Equipment Fitting Date

Sunday June 4
10am - 1pm

Equipment Lock Up
3 Hoffman St, Unit 7
Kitchener, N2M 3M5

The bonus practice sessions are only open to Fall Predators who have REGISTERED for the Fall Season.
It's not too late to register , just click here to register.

For equipment fitting we require a security deposit of $450 payable by credit card or cheque. The deposit is only processed if the equipment is not returned on the specified return date.
Don't forget to bring :

  • chin strap  (We can't fit helmets without one)
  • girdle  (so you can make sure practice and game pants fit!)
  • shoulder pads (if you own shoulder pads please bring them for inspection)

Chin straps and girdles will be available for purchase.
Chin Strap $20
Girdle $40

If you are not participating in the bonus sessions, stay tuned for upcoming equipment fitting dates for Fall Predators. We will be announcing dates in the next couple of weeks.


We need to know how many players to expect at lock up so if you would like to participate in the 4 bonus tackle sessions please email: and provide your player's name.

Bonus Tackle Football Practice Sessions

No extra charge!

Wilson Park
72 Wilson Ave

6:30pm - 8:30pm
Wed June 7
Wed June 14
Wed June 21
Wed June 28

Make sure to email if your fall Predator player would like to participate.

Hope to see you there!