7v7 Game Day Info - Jan 27


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Saturday January 27th  5pm - 7pm @ RIM PARK

This will be the last day of practice,  and will be in full equipment

Tournament will start next week (Feb 3)
There are 6 teams at the moment and potentially 7.  We have 4 JV and 2 SV potentially a third.  Once we have confirmation on the third then we will need to review the schedule and work them in. 
There appears to be some imbalance of talent on the teams and in an effort to ensure a competitive and safe tournament, these rosters may be altered on Saturday January 27th which will be our last practice session with all teams.


Players can be traded freely amongst teams, throughout the tournament with the following conditions:
Both team captains must have approval of the Predators Coaching Director Adrian Thorne or Winter Football Director Mario Morgado prior to the start of the game. 
When the trade is approved the player can only be transferred from one team to the other after the next game. For example, if you get approval on Monday, the trade is not in effect until the following Monday, which means, they traded players remain on their respective teams for the following Saturday game and then be play on their new team following that game. Again, you cannot get approval to trade and it take effect immediately, it will be at least one game out, this will require that you think carefully about the trades you make


It is the responsibility of the team captain or appointed representative to provide either Mario Morgado or Adrian Thorne the final score sheet at the end of each game.  To be fair, each captain or representative should sign the sheet to ensure it is recorded correctly.  Blank Scoresheets will be provided at the beginning of the game for completion.
WIN = 3 Pts
TIE = 1 Pt
It is your responsibility as team captain to ensure you find either Adrian or Mario before leaving the field to submit your score sheets.   We will not be chasing people down.