2024 U18 Jr Warriors

(U18+)Jr Warriors
Players Born (2005, 06, 07)                

2024 Registration Open Jan 1st 2024


Head Coach:  Steven Warner

Welcome Coach Steven!
We are excited to introduce the new head coach for our U18 Jr Warriors - Steven Warner!
A proud graduate of the University of Waterloo, Coach Steven made his mark as a wide receiver for 5 seasons (2015-2019) with the Warriors. His journey with the Warriors continues this Fall as he takes on the role of Receivers Coach for the university team.
Over the past 2 seasons, Coach Steven has excelled as our U18 Offensive Coordinator. His exceptional strategic abilities have played a pivotal role in the team's success. In our most recent season , the U18 team showcased one of the most high-powered offenses in the West divsion, establishing an exceptional standard for performance.
Coach Steven has spent many seasons as part of a coaching team that boasts extensive CFL and U-Sports playing and coaching experience, and he's excited to continue working with this exceptional staff in 2024.
"I look forward to bringing the same staff back next summer to keep the momentum we have been building in the U18 division"
"Becoming Head Coach is a very exciting opportunity and I cannot wait to get to work. I look forward to bringing my USports coaching experience to the field for the U18s next summer and maintain our reputation of being a hardworking , talented football team."
Let's give a big welcome to Coach Steven as our U18 Head Coach.

The future is definitely bright for the U18 Jr warriors, and we're thrilled to have such an exceptional leader taking charge.