About Waterloo Region Minor Football

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will we be practicing?

We practice in various locations throughout Kitchener-Waterloo, depending on field availability. Once we receive permits for locations we will post the locations to this website.

How long is a typical season?

With our Warhawks program, we start practicing the first week of July with our first game is near the end of August. We play one game per week ending the last weekend in early November. Each team is guaranteed one playoff game. With Predators, we start practicing at the beginning of February once per week and as the season progresses practices become more frequent. Games start late in May with playoffs ending mid-August.

What is the cost of football?

Football is one of the best values in local community sport. TCMTFA supplies the majority of the equipment for every player. This cost is approximately $700/player – equipment a parent doesn’t have to buy or replace as their young athlete grows. We refit our players every year to make sure equipment fitting safely. For every practice and game, we rent fields and at each game we also pay for certified referees and medical personnel. Each year we purchase additional field and player equipment and we also recertify helmets, get shoulder pads are cleaned and restrapped and have all of our clothing cleaned professionally. The average Warhawk player has over 100 hours of time on the field between games and practices!

Why are Predator fees higher than Warhawks?

The cost to run the Predators are higher. Some of the additional expenses we pay are for chartered coach bussing to all our away games; 10 referees (included stick crew); cost of the stadium; cost of equipment is more; home and away jersey's.

Why do we recertify our helmets?

Safety is our most important priority - it's that simple. The helmet recertification is done to make sure that we put the safest product on our players.

Are Board Members paid?

No. All board members are volunteers.

Are coaches and their staff paid?

No. All coaches and their personnel are volunteers.

Can I attend board meetings if I wish?

All members are welcome to come to board meetings. They are usually held the second Monday of each month. If you wish to attend, you should contact us to verify location and time.

Who do we address our concerns to?

If you have a concern with regard to your son on the playing field you should first approach the Head Coach. If you have concerns about the organization you may contact any board member. You can talk to a board member whenever you have a question or a concern. If the board member cannot answer your question, they will get back to you.

Why are some games played on Saturday and some on Sundays?

We book our field for Saturday's games. Some of the other centers are only able to get fields on Sundays and have no other option. Fields are very limited in some of the centers and therefore they take the fields when the city offers it to them.

Are there many injuries? If so, what type?

We do not get many injuries, though some years are worse than others are. Most of the injuries are twisted ankles, bumps and bruises.

Do you play in all weather conditions?

Practices and games are played in all types of weather unless it is lightning out - then the players will be pulled off the field. The cities also have the option of cancelling the fields in bad weather (heavy rains or snow).

What if my child knows little about the game?

At the house league level there's a number of players that have never played the game. We will work hard with your player to help them learn the rules and the fundamentals of the game. We have a yearly Spring camp which can serve as an excellent introduction to the game.

Will my child receive fair play time?

Each player in the house league format is guaranteed fair play time. Teams with large rosters will have players rotating but the same players should not be rotating at every game.

Do I sign my child for a position?

No. The player may express a position he wishes to play to the coach and the coach can try him/her out at that position, but ultimately the coach will have the final say on where he thinks the player should be playing.

What qualifications do the coaches have?

We encourage all our coaches to attend football clinics and work toward getting their NCCP certification.

How much traveling is there and how far?

At the Predator level, the teams could travel as far west as Sarnia and as far east as Peterborough. The Warhawks can go to London as well but no further east than Mississauga.