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Head Coach: Tyson Siddall

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome back Coach Tyson Siddall,  "Coach Sidd" as our 2024 U16 Jr Warriors Head Coach
Coach Sidd's passion for Jr Warriors football is unmatched, and his ability to inspire our young athletes is truly extraordinary.
Coach Sidd's coaching expertise goes beyond the game. His dedication to pushing our athletes to their limits, encouraging them to strive for excellence, and instilling values of perseverance and determination is something that sets him apart. Under his guidance, our U16 squad clinched a first-place finish in the OSFL West division regular season.  A true testament to his leadership, strategic acumen and genuine connection with the team.
More than just wins and losses, Coach Sidd places great emphasis on player development, teamwork, and family. His return promises yet another chapter of excellence for our U16 Jr Warriors.
"Our U16 Staff is excited to build on our great success this year and develop the top talent in our Region! Our athlete experience is above all others in this province. With relentless effort, unwavering dedication and our Warrior determination our TEAM will be a force in the OSFL once again! I look forward to seeing our athletes be leaders on their high-school football teams the Fall and compete at the highest level with outstanding sportsmanship, demonstrating why JR WARRIORS are the best Program in the Region!"