Registration & Equipment

Registration & Equipment

Registration Fees - At Time Of Registration

When registering your child in the league, you have a variety of payment options. Online, payments can be made by debit card or credit card. At our in-person registrations, payments can be made by cash, debit or credit. We do NOT accept cheques. Depending on the time of registration, early bird discounts may apply. All registration fees are due and payable in full by the close of registrations applicable to your division.

Family Discount

A family discount can apply in either or Spring or Fall Predators, but not between the two seasons. All family members must register for same season to apply discount.

• 1st member regular price (e.g. $595)
• 2nd family member can deduct $25.00 for that member (e.g. $570)
• 3rd or more family member can deduct an additional $25.00 for that member (e.g. $545)

Family discounts are not appliacble with other discounts, such as Early Bird Pricing.

Fee Assistance Registrations

Any registrant who requires a fee assist program will have a spot reserved until confirmation of sponsorship has occurred. Please be aware, that many Fee Assistance programs require applications be sent in 2 months before the season has begun. Furthermore, some programs will only cover a portion of the total fees, and parents may be required to pay the difference. For more information on Fee Assistance, please go here.