2023 Fall Flag Football CO-ED


Any Questions? Please email Ron Garcia "Gars"

Registration OPEN for Fall 2023

Registration Deadline EXTENDED Until AUGUST 12, 2023


Location: Kitchener Field
Sep 9 - Oct 7 @Eastwood HS, Kitchener
Oct 14,21, 28 @ Schlegel Park, Kitchener
Dates: Sep 9- Oct 28/29

$225 (includes jersey)

U8 (2015,2016,17) 
U10 (2013-14) 
U12 (2011-12) 
U14 (2009-10) 
U16 (2007-08)

Co-Ed flag football for players born 2008-2017

Open to all skills levels! Whether your new to flag football or you’ve already got a few touchdowns under your belt, this game is fun and competitive for everyone!

 1 hour practice + 1 hour game on Saturdays between 10am - 4pm.   

Flag football provides the best opportunity for skill development, improving football fundamentals, emphasizing proper technique over physicality and learning to make plays.  It's a great way to learn team work, in a safe, non-contact environment.


Why Play Jr Warriors Flag Football ?

Flag football gives every participant the chance to be an impact player and learn multiple positions.
Kids of all sizes can throw and catch the ball, make interceptions, pull flags on defense and run for touchdowns – all while having fun, making friends, and staying active.
Children learn football skills while understanding the importance of maintaining good form and footwork.
Flag football provides more playing time, more involvement in the action and a greater coach-to-player ratio.

In one flag football game, with much smaller player rosters, they are going to get alot of opportunities to touch the ball and make plays It teaches  players the proper way to run a route and what happens when everyone does their job at the right time.
Flag football is a non-contact sport that also requires the same focus and concentration as traditional tackle football.
This gradual progression of skills ensures optimal athletic and tactical development.


What About the Big Kids?

A common question we hear is "What about the bigger kids or linemen? How do they benefit from flag football"?
Our answer is that flag football is for players of all sizes and abilities. Every player can benefit from focusing on proper form, technique and staying active.

With flag football, players of all sizes can develop important football skills on both sides of the ball,  as well as learning strategy, reading plays, and building self confidence.
Football Canada's Long -Term Athlete Development Model has also determined that it is essential to develop broad-based skills and abilities before specializing in one position.


All coaches are volunteer parents and we need your help!
If you're interested in volunteering to coach one of the Jr Warriors Flag teams, there is an area on the online registration form where you can select Yes or No to the volunteer coach question.
The time commitment required is very low as practice is on the same day as the games.
We provide all the play books as well as assistance in the skills and drills to teach the players.


  • IMPROVE SKILLS: The best way to improve route running, catching the football, timing, and more is through repetition, and flag provides the opportunity to improve those skills in a safe, non-contact environment.
  • TEAM CHEMISTRY: Flag Football allows you to hone your skills, timing and get on the same page with your team mates in a fun and exciting way that can carry over to the regular season.
  • CONDITIONING: Faster paced games! What better way to work on your speed and agility, arm strength, explosiveness and reaction time in the off season.
  • PREPARATION: Be better prepared for Spring or High School ball
  • And did we mention it's FUN!






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