Registration & Equipment


Equipment Lock-Up

Our equipment lock-up address and updated hours are posted here

When we start our programs, we will announce Equipment Fitting Nights by age group and last name.  At the conclusion of each season, we will do the same for returns.

We provide most of the gear! This is a huge advantage that youth football provides over other sports, making it extremely cost-effective, especially considering kids grow fast. As they grow, we will keep gear fitting perfectly and safe! We loan you a helmet, shoulder pads, practice jersey, practice pants and game pants. No equipment will be issued WITHOUT the player being registered in RAMP, our online registration database.

There is a $750 cheque or credit card deposit required at the time of fittings. The deposit is not actually used, it is held until equipment is returned. If it is not returned by the specified date for your program, the deposit will then be used. If equipment is returned after the due date, your deposit will be returned minus a $100 administration fee.

You’ll need to purchase personal gear including cleats, girdle and knee pads, mouth guard and chin strap. All of the gear except shoes, is available for sale from our equipment lock-up during equipment fittings.

New game jerseys are also ordered every season and are kept by the player each year as a valued keepsake! Compared to other sports, youth football is a terrific value with greater time spent by players practicing and exercising, more coaches to help provide individualized attention and expensive equipment… all provided for in the low cost of membership.

To help keep our costs down, we ask that you take care of equipment - follow the washing instructions on gear, clean as soon after a game as possible, etc. - so that we can make sure that we are giving our players the best equipment possible. All equipment signed out MUST BE returned. 


Equipment Date Returns

Equipment return dates will be specified at the time equipment is loaned out.  All deposits WILL be processed if equipment is not returned on time.

Equipment Use outside Waterloo Region Football Sanctioned Play

A written request MUST be made in advance prior to attending camps, games, etc. due to insurance, inventory and reconditioning purposes. Details needed are player’s name, date(s) needed and expected return. The email must be sent to and for approval.