Waterloo Jr Warriors Alumni

Waterloo Region Football is proud to recognize the many talented athletes that have graduated from our Predators program and have gone on to play CIS and in some cases CFL football.

With the highest calibre football coaching available in Waterloo Region, the Predator program has been consistently successful in developing and training our players, in a highly competitive and professional environment, preparing them for the next level of football.  







  Nick Anapolsky Guelph/Waterloo    
  Jake Reinhart Guelph    


  Keaton Jones Calgary/Windsor    
  Dahlin Brooks McMaster    
  Mike Daly McMaster Hamilton TigerCats  
  Tyler Loveday McMaster    
  Delmar Miller McMaster    
  Joe Coppolino Waterloo    
  Christian Lewis Waterloo    
  Garrit Post Windsor    
  Daniel Schmidt Windsor    
  Robert Schmidt Windsor    
  Beau Landry Western Hamilton TigerCats  
  Brandon Murphy Western    


  Blake McNeely Guelph    
  Caolan Newborough Laurier    
  Blake Sirio Queens    
  Curtis Good Waterloo    
  Brandon Haase York    


  Karsten Beney Laurier/Waterloo    
  Jesse Collins Laurier    
  James Fracas Laurier    
  Andrew McWhinnie Laurier    
  Ronnie Pfeffer Laurier Toronto Argos  
  Joey Primeau McMaster    
  Brandon Eaket Waterloo    
  Cody Tapsell Waterloo    
  Danny Silvestri Waterloo    
  Pabek Gany Waterloo    
  Kyle Paul York    
  Trevor Lass Western    


  Patrick Gerrie Guelph    
  Cam Wilhelm Guelph    
  Conner MacKay McMaster    
  Dan Hayes Queens    
  Eric Hewitson Toronto    
  Austin Curtis Waterloo    
  Taz Martin Waterloo    
  Greg Bolger Windsor    
  Todd Hoover York    


  Jeremy Sterling Carleton    
  Marcus Joseph Guelph    
  Alex Zamin Laurier    
  Adam Christopher McMaster    
  Jerelle Vaughn McMaster    
  Connor Lanteigne Waterloo    
  CJ Smith Waterloo    
  Connor Sprout Waterloo    
  Brice Celotto Waterloo    
  Lucas McConnell Waterloo    
  Lucas Beeby Waterloo    
  Jordan Silva Windsor    
  Malcolm Tibbetts Windsor
  Connor Weir Queens    


  Matt Gillies Laurier    
  Nathan Mesher Laurier    
  Tre Nicholson Laurier    
  Will Amoah Laurier    
  Petar Nikolic Laurier    
  Yalkun Sakir Laurier    
  Brice Cellotto Laurier    
  Lam Diing Waterloo    
  Mitch Kernick Waterloo    
  Sam Lewis Waterloo    
  Brandon Loewen Waterloo    
  Kirilios Milo Waterloo    


  Greg Brand Waterloo    
  Paul McLaughlin Waterloo    
  Nick Snider Waterloo    


  Riley Vandehogen Waterloo    
  Aidan Yearwood McMaster    
  Griffin Quigley Holland College    
  Logan Vandevyvere Waterloo    
  Romy Simpson Laurier    



  Michael Perak Waterloo  
  Garret Huras Waterloo  
  Gordon Lam Waterloo  


Bryce Scarrow McMaster  
2018 Connor Burke Guelph  
  Matt Dahmer Waterloo  
  Jacob Fulcher Waterloo  
  Shane Herman Waterloo  
  Dylan Hillier McMaster  
  Brandon Hoang Toronto  
  Ben Ibrahim Laurier  
  Dawson Ladouceur York  
  Ruben Rodriguez York  
  Luke Walton Guelph  
  Tanner Nelmes Laurier  
   Carlos Amaral York  


2019 Pawel Szymanski Laurier  
  Brendan Perozzo Queens  
  Elijah Szymanski Laurier  
  Kyle Poschner York  
  Evan Bender Mount Allison  
  Jack St Hilaire McMaster  
  Caelen Fraser Waterloo  
  Sam Hepditch Waterloo  
  Alex Baseggio Waterloo  
  Jordan Schmidt Waterloo  
  Adam Shoemaker Acadia  
  Andrew Brush Windsor  
             Tyson Hergott Waterloo      
  Harrison Shoniker Waterloo
  James Wilson Waterloo
  Nick Guardiero Guelph
  Aidan Carter Waterloo
  Alex Sooley Waterloo
  Gabe Valedis Waterloo
  Kamar Collins Waterloo
  Jonas Bingeman Waterloo
  Mike Milovick Waterloo
  Hudson Billing Waterloo
  Zach Harvey Laurier
  Keyon Grattan Laurier
  Aiden Godron Windsor
  Nick Kehler York
  Cole McBridge Western