Flag Football Double Header June 15

REMINDER:  Due to Cameron Heights 50th anniversary celebration, practice/games on Saturday June 15 will be at :
Eastwood Collegiate
760 Weber St E

There are 2 fields there.  One attached to the high school (Field 1) and one across the side street (Field 2)

 We have scheduled double headers to take place this Saturday and June 22 (Champ Day) to make up for the 2 weeks lost due to weather.

Atom on Field 1
Practice 10:00 - 10:30am
Game 5 @ 10:30am 
Argos v Roughriders 1A
Stampeders v Blue Bombers 1B

Game 6 @ 11:30am
Argonauts v. Stampeders 1A
Roughriders v. Blue Bombers 1B

Peewee on Field 2
Practice 11-11:30am
Game 5 @ 11:30am 
Argonauts v. Roughriders  2A
Blue Bombers v. Tiger-Cats 2B
Lions v. Stampeders 2C

Game 6 @ 12:30pm
Argonauts v. Blue Bombers 2A
Lions v. Roughriders 2B
Stampeders v. Tiger-Cats 2C

Bantam on Field 1
Practice 12-12:30pm
Game 5@ 12:30pm
Argonauts v. Tigercats  1A
Stampeders v. Blue Bombers 1B

Game 6 @ 1:30pm
Argonauts v. Stampeders 1A
Tigercats v. Blue Bombers 1B

See everyone Saturday rain or shine!