Predators Football Combine 2022

Waterloo Region Football Presents

4th Annual Winter Combine


Sat Feb 26 @ University of Waterloo Field House

This year our COMBINE is an exclusive and FREE event for all registered 2022 Tackle Predators made possible with the generous sponsorship provided by Deloitte Kitchener and Kitchener-Waterloo Real Estate by Team Milovick


Powered by SportTesting

We are thrilled to announce that all athletic evaluation for COMBINE XXII will once again be powered by Sport Testing Inc . This is a great opportunity to be tested using the most accurate athletic evaluation technology that is used at CFL/NCAA/NHL/NBA/OUA combines.


With our event less than 1 week away, please make note of your check in time, warm up time and testing time for your division. (We will not be able to accommodate late arrivals)

With over 200 registered athletes, we have strict timelines in place , so it's VERY important that everyone check in on time and for your correct division.


University of Waterloo Indoor Field House.

93 Hagey Blvd


You will park (see parking info below) and walk through the Columbia Ice Field Athletic centre to get to the field house.


Parking is available in 2 different parking lots on Hagey Blvd. (Hagey/Columbia)

Lot W (next to Columbia Ice Fields Athletic Centre)   Parking is $5

Lot X (Across the road from Columbia Ice Fields) Parking is Free on Weekends


Check In Table & Athlete Cards

Each athlete will be given a card at the check-in table, that details what testing station they start at , and then outlines the times they need to be at each subsequent station.
It is the athlete's responsibility to follow the times on the card and check in with the volunteer at each station
It is IMPORTANT to follow the times on your card and check in at the designated testing table at the time indicated on your card, you are not permitted to alter the testing order as this will impact the tabulation of the data

RFID Bands - To be Returned at end of Event

At the registration check in table, each athlete will also be given an RFID band to wear during the Combine , that has been pre-programmed with their information.
RESULTS:  The email address given with your online registration is the one which will be used to provide notification of personal athlete results for a period of 30 days.  Athletes will only see their own results as well as the average and highest times for each event.
We will post the winning results on our website.

Atom / Peewee (U10/U12) Players born 2010-2013

Check in Time: 9:30am

Warm Up Time: 9:45am

End Time: 11:45am


Bantam (U14) Players born 2008-2009

Check in Time: 10:30am

Warm Up Time: 10:45am

End Time: 12:45pm

Junior Varsity (U16) Players born 2006-2007

Check in Time: 11:45am

Warm Up Time: 12:00pm

End Time: 2:15pm


Senior Varsity (U18+) Players born 2003-2005

Check in Time: 1:15pm

Warm Up Time: 1:30pm

End Time: 4:00pm


If testing has started and an athlete has not checked in, their name will be called once, and then testing will start, if they arrive after testing has started, they will be accommodated at the end if possible.


What to Wear

Football cleats, athletic wear. Bring mouth guard (optional) and personal water bottle.



Spectators limited to 2 per athlete. Please wear masks and sit on benches set up on the field, or outside the field where there are some chairs available.


University of Waterloo currently requires the following protocols be followed:

Proof of Vaccination (Enhanced QR Code) - for all athletes/spectators aged 12+
Government Issued ID for ages 12+ (bring health card for ID purposes for athletes 12+ without drivers license)
Signed Copy of the UW waiver for all athletes/spectators/coaches
Green checkmark upon completion of the University of Waterloo’s check-in system at


Please email Winter Programs Director Mario Morgado

See you Saturday!